Options at Senior Living Communities

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The population of aging adults continues to grow and so does the demand for quality housing solutions and services.   To make it easier for people to find senior housing that best meets their needs, the following is an explanation of the terms you will come across while shopping for a new home for you or your loved one.

One popular senior living option is referred to as “independent living.” These are apartments or suites designed specifically for older adults who want the advantages associated with senior living communities, but do not require any assistance.   Residents benefit from the amenities, activities and companionship of community living.  While each community differs, services may include light housekeeping and laundry as well as on-site beauty shops and spas, exercise rooms and wellness classes.  Some communities also provide emergency response at night.

Another term used to describe senior living is “assisted living.”  Many people mistakenly assume that “assisted living” is just another term for nursing homes.  In fact, nursing homes are intended for people that require long-term, around-the-clock medical care and supervision and should not be confused with assisted living, which provides residents support for daily care activities.  At an assisted living community, you will receive the care you need to live comfortably and safely while still retaining your privacy and as much independence as possible.  Most communities offer daily meals, wellness programs, social activities, housekeeping services, 24-hour care, scheduled transportation and more.

Lastly another form of senior living is “memory care” that is devoted to the specialized care of individuals suffering from Alzheimer’s and other dementia-related diseases.  The best communities offer their residents comprehensive care that includes recreational and purposeful activities, scheduled outings and daily health monitoring.

If you are looking for the best senior living Reno–Sparks has to offer, we invite you to consider MorningStar of Sparks.  We have a choice of independent living, assisted living and memory care options.  Our spacious, private suites are available in a variety of well-designed floor plans and have details reflective of those found throughout our beautifully appointed community.

MorningStar of Sparks’ mission statement “to honor, to serve, to invest” sets us apart from other senior living communities. Our foundation is built upon honoring God, valuing all seniors, and investing in staff with a felt calling to serve. Dedicated to creating a real home for residents within a beautiful setting, we encourage you to see for yourself the finest senior living Reno-Sparks offers.


Hearing Loss in Older Adults

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The National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders (NIDCD) reports that one in three people between the ages of 65 and 74 has hearing loss, and nearly half of those 75 and older have some difficultly hearing.  This can cause seniors to experience difficulty understanding and following doctor’s orders, responding to warnings, and hearing doorbells and alarms.” Hearing loss can leave people feeling isolated as they have problems following and engaging in conversations with family and friends.   

The medical term for hearing loss is presbycusis; and typically starts gradually by affecting the ability to hear higher pitched sounds.  A person may feel like the volume is loud enough on the TV but the dialogue is mumbled. Experts explain this is caused by the loss of nerve hair cells in the Cochlea or the deterioration of other parts of the inner ear or auditory nerves.   Generally age-related hearing loss affect both ears equally.  

High blood pressure and diabetes, both common health conditions in older adults, can also affect the hearing as does some types of chemotherapy drugs.  Furthermore people of all ages are at risk of hearing loss with long-term exposure to loud noise such as on a jobsite.  

If you or a loved one seems to be having trouble hearing, NIDCD has a checklist of questions to answer.  For example, do you feel frustrated when talking to members of your family because you have difficulty hearing them?  Do you have difficulty hearing when someone speaks in a whisper? Do you feel restricted or limited by a hearing problem?   If the answer is “yes” to any of these questions, discuss the problem with your health care provider. They will refer you to an otolaryngologist who specializes in diagnosing and treating diseases of the ear, nose, throat, and neck.  If a problem is found, you will be referred to an audiologist who will determine the type and degree of hearing loss. From there you may be fitted for a hearing aid. 

This blog is for informational purposes only. For any health issues and concerns, please consult your health care provider.

MorningStar of Santa Fe offers the very best in senior living with our distinct mission statement of “to honor, to serve, to invest.”  Our foundation is built on honoring God, valuing all seniors and selecting staff with a felt calling to serve to create a true “home” for residents.  We invite you to give us call or visit our website to learn more about the finest senior living in Santa Fe, NM. 

Source: nidcd.nih.gov/health/age-related-hearing-loss#1

MorningStar of Sparks Offers Options for a Variety of Needs

Assisted Living Reno NV

MorningStar of Sparks offers a range of living options that meet the varying needs of seniors.  Our community’s independent living includes 128 bright and spacious suites.  We also have 80 assisted living suites and 32 secure suites dedicated to the care of individuals with Alzheimer’s and other dementia-related diseases.

MorningStar of Sparks’ independent living is the perfect answer for seniors who wish for a carefree, active lifestyle that provides built-in companionship and predictable budgeting.  As a resident, you will not need to cook but rather can take advantage of three daily, tasty meals prepared by our Executive Chef as well as our vast assortment of activities and wellness programs.

Also, as a part of our community, you give up having to worry about maintaining a home both inside and out.  Our independent living suites are equipped with everything you need and all that is missing to make it home is your own furnishings and personal items.  And if you enjoy outdoor living, our community has a fireside patio and all-season porches.

MorningStar’s assisted living is designed for seniors who want to retain their independence but require some assistance on a daily basis.  We offer various levels of support with activities of daily living along with 24/7 Care Managers, a full-time licensed nurse and more to ensure the comfort, well-being and safety of our residents.

In terms of our memory care, we feel privileged to help those suffering from memory loss and our goal is to find ways to connect with and nurture the essence of the individual every day. By learning about a person’s life, history and preferences, we are able to personalize their care and treat each resident with the respect and dignity they deserve.

If you are looking for the finest independent or assisted living Reno-Sparks offers, please visit our website to learn more about MorningStar of Sparks.

The unique mission statement of MorningStar of Sparks, “to honor, to serve, to invest,” sets us apart from other senior living communities. Our foundation is built upon honoring God, valuing all seniors, and investing in staff with a felt calling to serve. We encourage you to schedule a tour to see firsthand the finest independent and assisted living Reno-Sparks has to offer.


Receiving a Diagnosis of Alzheimer’s or Another Dementia Disease

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Last year alone, approximately 500,000 people in the U.S. received a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease or another type of dementia such as frontotemporal dementia, Lewy body disease and others.  Moreover, even though many families have come to suspect a problem and may not be all that surprised to hear the diagnosis, it is still a devastating blow.     

However, please remember if you or a family member is experiencing confusion and/or memory loss that there are other factors that can masquerade as dementia.  For example, lack of sleep and/or depression and anxiety can result in feelings of confusion.  Also certain medications and medical conditions can have side effects that mimic some of the symptoms of dementia.  

The U.S. News & World Report cautions families that if a loved one is not as sharp as they used to be to make sure that they are protected against scams from unscrupulous people.  You may want to have a family member, trusted friend, or a professional financial advisor help to oversee the person’s finances.  

Another thing you can do to help yourself and your family feel more prepared for what the future holds is to investigate the extent of your community’s resources.  This may include looking into options for in-home care as well as senior living communities that specialize in memory care.  

Experts say one of the most important things to avoid doing after getting a diagnosis of dementia is to assume your life is over.  They stress you need to find reasons for hope and to think about ways to bring joy into your life. Tia Powell, M.D. writes that “music is one wonderful avenue for delight. Your brain’s capacity for music is unusually sturdy; the ability to sing, play and enjoy music often outlasts many other skills.” 

At MorningStar at Arcadia, a Phoenix assisted living community, we devote 30 secure suites to the specialized, individualized care of those with Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia.  As dementia care experts, each day our energies are put toward continuing to find ways to celebrate and elevate life. Please contact us with questions.  

MorningStar at Arcadia represents the best in Phoenix assisted living with a unique mission statement “to honor, to serve, to invest.” We have built our foundation on honoring God, valuing all seniors and selecting staff with a felt calling to serve…all of which contributes to creating a true home for residents amid a beautiful, serene setting. Call to schedule a tour of our exceptional community.


Pets Make Great Companions for Seniors

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According to research, animals can help older adults lower their blood pressure as well as increase their social interactions and physical activity.  Studies have also found pets help seniors to cope with depression and reduce feelings of loneliness and isolation.  Pets such as dogs and cats are very loyal, loving animals and make great companions for seniors. 

In the National Poll on Healthy Aging, sponsored by AARP and the University of Michigan, 2,051 seniors age 50 to 80 were interviewed.  Over half of the participants were pet owners, and of that group, more than 88% reported that pets added to their enjoyment of life. Moreover 86% of them said their pets made them feel loved. The survey also reported that as many as 80% of the pet owners stated their pets helped them reduce stress. 

Experts estimate that up to 40% of seniors feel lonely on a regular basis, which is problematic as loneliness is associated with poor sleep habits, higher stress and more inflammation.  In another study from 2012 by Pain Magazine, it was reported that “therapy dogs provided significant reduction in pain and emotional distress for chronic pain patients.”  The journal, Science, reports that just by looking into the eyes of their dog for at least 5 minutes, pet owners got a boost of the feel-good oxytocin hormone in their brain.  

Dr. Jay P. Granat, a New Jersey-based psychotherapist explains some of the benefits of pet ownership for the elderly, saying, “Dogs and cats live very much in the present; they don’t worry about tomorrow, which can be a very scary concept for an older person. An animal embodies that sense of here and now, and it tends to rub off on people.”  

What sets MorningStar of Albuquerque apart from other senior living Albuquerque offers?  We provide a true “home” for our residents.  Our loving, around-the-clock care encompasses the physical, mental, spiritual and social wellbeing of our residents.  We also recognize the relationship that exists between a senior and their pet, which is why our community is pet friendly.  

Please see our website for more information regarding our pet policy and to learn about our various amenities, services, and support we offer to our residents and their families.   

MorningStar of Albuquerque proudly provides the very best in senior living with our unique mission statement of “to honor, to serve, to invest.” With a foundation built on honoring God, valuing all seniors and selecting staff with a felt calling to serve, we create a true home for residents amid a beautiful setting. Please contact us to learn more about the finest senior living Albuquerque NM has to offer.

Wondering if Assisted Living is the Right Choice for You or a Loved One?

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At MorningStar of Santa Fe, we understand it can be difficult to decide if it is the time to move into assisted living as many seniors do not like the thought of giving up their home and their independence.  However if you have not look into today’s senior living communities, you may be unaware that many feel like true homes. Also when you move into a community and start receiving the daily help you need, you will most likely start feelings more independent than you did before.     

While change can be hard for anyone, it can be especially hard for elderly adults who like things a certain way.  This is why MorningStar offers both respite stays and short-term stays that give you the opportunity to experience our community and see what you think.

A respite stay ensures you get the personal attention you need in a quiet, restful place as you recover from surgery or to convalesce from an illness.  Also you have the advantages offered by companionship and community that can make the healing process easier.   

In addition there may be times when your regular caregiver needs a vacation.  Moreover a short-term stay with us gives you a chance to see firsthand how carefree and easy your life could be.  During your stay, you will receive all the amenities offered to full-time residents such as 24-hour care managers, medication management, and daily meals prepared under the direction of our Executive Chef.  Onsite amenities include a library, theatre, fitness center and more; and a broad array of activities and wellness programs offered on a daily basis, in-house entertainment and fun outings. And when you need to see your doctor or run an errand, we offer scheduled transportation.  

In under words while under our roof, you will enjoy delicious, nutritional meals, meet new friends and have the opportunity to join in a variety of intellectual, physical, social and spiritual activities.  You will also have a team of dedicated, compassionate caregivers with a felt calling to serve who will go out of their way to see to it your needs, even your unexpressed ones.  

Please contact us for more information on unsurpassed senior living in Santa Fe, NM.  We offer 56 bright suites for assisted living  and 29 secure memory care suites devoted to those with Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia.  

MorningStar of Santa Fe offers the very best in senior living with our distinct mission statement of “to honor, to serve, to invest.”  Our foundation is built on honoring God, valuing all seniors and selecting staff with a felt calling to serve to create a true “home” for residents.  Contact us for more information regarding unsurpassed senior living in Santa Fe, NM.

Research Suggests a Link between Alzheimer’s & Diabetes

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Recent studies have suggested a connection between diabetes and Alzheimer’s but researchers do not yet fully understand the connection.  Moreover while not all of the research has confirmed a link, researchers say that people with diabetes, especially type 2, appear to be at higher risk for eventually developing Alzheimer’s or other forms of dementia.   

One of the things not yet known is whether taking steps to prevent or control diabetes helps to reduce your risk of cognitive decline.  However we do know that one of the complications of diabetes is damage to the body’s blood vessels as well as the fact that diabetes is one of the risk factors for vascular dementia, which causes a reduced or blocked blood flow to the brain.   

Scientists first suspected a connection between Alzheimer’s and diabetes when they realized that the changes in the brain were very similar; and it has been hypothesized that each of these conditions may fuel the damage caused by the other.   With new research, experts hope to get a better understanding of the connection between the two diseases. “That link may occur as a result of the complex ways that type 2 diabetes affects the ability of the brain and other body tissues to use sugar (glucose) and respond to insulin.”

We also know that diabetes increases the risk of developing mild cognitive impairment (MCI), which may eventually lead to full blown dementia.  In addition MCI can also appear years earlier in people who later are diagnosed with Alzheimer’s.   

At one of most trusted senior living communities in Santa Fe, NM; MorningStar of Santa Fe provides the area compassionate assisted living and memory care.  Please contact us to learn more about pricing and availability.   

MorningStar of Santa Fe offers the very best in senior living with our distinct mission statement of “to honor, to serve, to invest.”  Our foundation is built on honoring God, valuing all seniors and selecting staff with a felt calling to serve to create a true “home” for residents.  Visit our website to set up a tour of the finest senior living in Santa Fe, NM.