All-inclusive, Compassionate Memory Care

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At MorningStar of Santa Fe, we understand the devastation families feel when they get a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s.  We know the path going forward is unplanned for, and we consider it our privilege – our calling to walk alongside the memory-impaired and their family on their unexpected journey.  MorningStar’s newly opened senior housing offers assisted living as well as experienced, compassionate memory care for those in the early onset of Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia right through to the most advanced stages.  

Our memory care is in a separate wing we call Reflections Neighborhood and consists of 29 secure suites.  The area is specifically designed to allow residents the freedom to move safely about their spacious surroundings.  Also given the nature of dementia, residents pay one price for their suite and their care regardless of the level of memory loss.  

As dementia care experts, our unique approach and philosophy to caring for those afflicted with the disease is called “Lavender Sky.”  We know the essence of the person remains despite the level of memory loss, and our job is to nurture and support the individual by finding ways to calm or stimulate as the situation demands.  Lavender Sky provides the path for us to enter, embrace, and explore the “purple world” of memory loss, and to cross over the physical, emotional, and relational boundaries that would otherwise separate us.    

Every aspect of our home is designed to provide the comfort, wellness and safety our special residents require including mealtime.  We know those suffering from memory loss can sometimes have compromised abilities at the table. We address this by providing a selection of finger foods, texture-modified diets (mechanical soft and puréed, thickened liquids), and easy-to-recognize balanced meals that taste as good as they look.   

MorningStar of Santa Fe invites area families to contact us for more information and availability and pricing.  To see firsthand our loving care, we encourage you to set up a tour of the finest senior housing in Santa Fe.  

MorningStar of Santa Fe offers the very best in senior living with our distinct mission statement of “to honor, to serve, to invest.”  Our foundation is built on honoring God, valuing all seniors and selecting staff with a felt calling to serve to create a true “home” for residents.  Please visit our website for more information on compassionate senior living in Santa Fe, NM.


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