Early Signs and Symptoms of Alzheimer’s Disease

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While we have all heard a lot about Alzheimer’s and may even know someone suffering from the disease, we may not be aware of the common signs and symptoms associated with Alzheimer’s.  Many people think that forgetting things is a sign of Alzheimer’s, while others too readily accept certain symptoms of Alzheimer’s as just getting older.

The Alzheimer’s Association has a website full of useful information and resources for families dealing with the disease and publishes a list of the 10 Early Signs and Symptoms of Alzheimer’s.  One of the first signs they say is a symptom of Alzheimer’s is not occasional forgetfulness but forgetfulness that disrupts daily life.  For example the person is having problems retaining recently learned information and trouble remembering important dates or events, or they are asking the same questions over and over again.   

People in the early stages of Alzheimer’s may have more difficulty doing things they used to do easily such as paying bills or following recipes.  Even driving to well-known locations or remembering the rules of a favorite game can be troublesome. Other signs include feeling confused about the passage of time and finding it harder and harder to keep track of dates, time and seasons.   

Experiencing vision problems such as judging distances and determining color or contrast as well as problems following or partaking in a conversation are also common signs of the disease.   Other signs can include changes in personality and mood, and withdrawing from social activities the person used to enjoy.

For the full listing and description of the 10 common signs of Alzheimer’s, please visit the Alzheimer’s Association website.  If a loved one has Alzheimer’s, we encourage you to learn more about our Phoenix senior living community, MorningStar at Arcadia.  Our community lovingly cares for those in the onset of the disease right through to the most advanced stages.  

MorningStar at Arcadia’s mission statement “to honor, to serve, to invest” sets us apart from other senior living options. We have built a foundation on honoring God, valuing seniors and selecting staff with a felt calling to serve. Set in a warm, loving atmosphere with exceptional architecture and resort-style amenities, we offer our residents the best Phoenix senior living possible.

Source:  alz.org/alzheimers-dementia/10_signs


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