MorningStar at Arcadia Welcomes Pets

morningstar general 11

At our Phoenix senior living community, we recognize pets offer seniors great companionship with their limitless affection and unconditional love.  In fact multiple studies have found pets to be especially beneficial for the elderly and can even help to “reduce stress, lower blood pressure, and increase social interaction and physical activity.”  Pet ownership can combat feelings of loneliness and offer solace from the loss of a spouse or another loved one.

In an article from entitled, The Healing Power of Pets for Elderly People, several experts weigh-in on the various benefits of pet ownership for seniors including a New Jersey psychotherapist.  Dr. Jay P. Granat discusses some of the intangibles pets offer to the elderly such as the fact that “dogs—and other pets—live very much in the here and now.’  He explains that animals do not worry about tomorrow, which can be scary for the elderly and being around an animal with that sense of “now” can rub off on people.

Along with providing companionship to seniors, studies have found that depression is less likely for older adults who own a pet and patients with heart problems can do better when they are responsible for a pet.  Psychologist Penny B. Donnenfeld, who brings her golden retriever mix to her New York City office, relates how people with memory loss interact with her dog and access memories from long ago.  She explains “having a pet helps the senior focus on something other than physical problems and negative preoccupations about loss or aging.”

MorningStar at Arcadia knows it is a big decision for seniors to give up their family home and move into senior living.  Furthermore it would be very painful to be forced to leave a beloved pet behind, which is why we are proud to be a pet friendly community.  Please visit our website to learn about the best assisted living and memory care in Phoenix.  

MorningStar at Arcadia’s unique mission statement “to honor, to serve, to invest” sets us apart from other senior communities.  Committed to creating a true home for residents within a gorgeous setting, our foundation is built on honoring God, valuing our seniors and hiring staff with a felt calling to serve.  We invite you to schedule a visit to learn more about our exceptional Phoenix senior living community.



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