Good Nutrition is Vital to Seniors’ Health

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The National Resource Center on Nutrition, Physical Activity, and Aging states that, “1 in 4 older Americans have poor nutrition.”  They explain that malnutrition puts them at risk of becoming overweight or underweight as well as cause weaken muscles and bones.

Poor nutrition also leaves you more vulnerable to disease and makes it harder to manage the diseases you may already have such as heart disease and diabetes.  An unhealthy diet can even jeopardize a senior’s immune system and make them more susceptible to colds and flus.

Furthermore, as many seniors experience a decrease in their appetite, they need to increase the nutrient density of their food, not necessarily portion size.  This means eating a well-balanced diet chock-full of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients as well as more fiber.   Avoid foods high in processed sugars, saturated and trans fats, and salt.  Eating alone can also decrease a senior’s appetite so make meals a more social occasion and serve foods that taste as good as they look and smell.

At MorningStar of Sparks, we are committed to provide the best senior living Reno or Sparks offers.  We recognize that good nutrition is vital to seniors’ health, which is why we put such an effort into the food we serve our residents.  Starting with having our own Executive Chef, our meals are largely prepared from scratch and include the freshest ingredients.  In addition, we offer a range of nutritional choices including low sodium, sugar free, no sugar added, vegetarian and low fat so residents can self-manage their diet.  MorningStar’s chef even uses “super foods” such as acai berries, Omega 3 fats, dark chocolate, and leafy, dark greens. Furthermore, meals are served restaurant-style in our lovely dining room, which is an ideal setting to socialize and enjoy a meal together.

Please visit our website for more details on all of the amenities and services offered at MorningStar of Sparks.  We suggest you schedule a tour to see our beautiful community in person rather than just relying on our pictures.

The unique mission statement of MorningStar of Sparks, “to honor, to serve, to invest,” sets us apart from other senior living communities. Our foundation is built upon honoring God, valuing all seniors, and investing in staff with a felt calling to serve. Dedicated to creating a real home for residents within a beautiful setting, we encourage you to learn more about the finest senior living Reno/Sparks has to offer.



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