Live as Healthy as Possible in Your Senior Years

Senior Living Reno NV

The website, Everyday Health Media reports that you can expect to live on average another 19.2 years if you reach the age of 65.  However they explain in order to be one of those lucky enough to live to be 85 years or older, you need to carefully manage your chronic health conditions and follow good health habits.

Aging experts such as Jeanne Wei, MD, the director of the Institute on Aging at the University of Arkansas Medical School, explains, “You need to be physically active and eat a healthy diet and also make healthy lifestyle choices, like quitting smoking and losing weight, to avoid senior health risks.”  She adds that it is helpful to include a geriatrician on your health care team.

Furthermore, it is never too late to begin improving your health.  Whether you are suffering from diabetes, heart disease, or many other chronic health problems, doctors say you can benefit from even a moderate amount of physical activity.  Engaging in physical activity helps to make your bones and muscles stronger and can lessen your risk for falls.  Also if you do have a fall, your bones will be stronger and less likely to break.  Additionally research shows that physical activity is as good for your brain as it is for your body, but before you embark on any new physical activity, please talk to your physician.

The website suggests that walking may be the easiest exercise for seniors as you can start at your own pace and you do not need any special equipment.  They also recommend gardening, dancing, swimming, Tai chi or yoga as good exercises for seniors.

One of the many benefits of living at MorningStar of Sparks is that we make it easy for seniors to live a healthy lifestyle.  Our meals are both tasty as well as healthy and we offer lots of fun physical activities to keep our residents moving.  Please see our website to learn more about the best senior living community in Sparks.

Our post is for information purposes only and should not be used as a substitute for seeking the advice of your health care provider.

The unique mission statement of MorningStar of Sparks, “to honor, to serve, to invest,” sets us apart from other senior living communities. Our foundation is built upon honoring God, valuing all seniors, and investing in staff with a felt calling to serve. Dedicated to creating a real home for residents within a beautiful setting, we encourage you to see for yourself our exceptional offering for independent and assisted living in Sparks NV. 




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