Seniors are Optimistic about Technology

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Despite often stereo-typing seniors as not knowing how to use or even liking today’s technology, a recent study from the Pew Research Center shows that may not be actually true.  Monica Anderson, the lead author of the study, explains that, “Even though they might be less likely to use these forms of technology, they do believe that technology is a quite positive thing for our society.”  Moreover there are several new technologies that seniors have happily embraced.

According to the research that involved surveying 3,015 adults, one of the most popular tech items older adults have adopted are smartphones.  The Pew study reports that the number of people 65 years and older who now own a smartphone is more than double from what is was just three years ago.  The rate of ownership went from 18 percent in 2013 to 42 percent of seniors not only owning a smartphone but willing to learn new ways to use them.  In fact Sanette Chao, a spokesperson for Verizon, states that the majority of the people who attend their Intro to Smartphone sessions are seniors.

Another tool that seniors are using is the Internet.  Compared to the 12 percent of seniors who used the Internet in 2000, two-thirds of them are now using it.   However the numbers do change when you start looking at older seniors as the majority of those over 80 do not use the Internet.   Tablets are owned by approximated a third of seniors 65 years and older and 19 percent of older adults read their books on an e-reader.  E-readers offer the advantage of downloading a book whenever you want as well as the ability to change font size, which is great for seniors who are visually impaired.

Other new technologies being adopted by older adults include direct deposit and online banking.  More seniors are also using social media and the Pew study found that one-third of all seniors’ survey used Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter.

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