Seniors Enjoy the Benefits of Senior Living Communities



Senior Living Communities Phoenix
MorningStar at Arcadia Assisted Living Community

As it turns out, many seniors are quite happy with their decision to move into an independent senior living or assisted living community. In part, that may be due to the fact that typically today’s senior communities are loaded with numerous amenities and activities. As a resident, you are provided with a lifestyle of comfort and community as well as a sense of safety and security.

When seniors move out of their family home into a senior community, they find themselves freed from lots of responsibilities. Owning a home requires routine care and maintenance such as mowing lawns, shoveling snow, pulling weeds, and other housekeeping chores.

Furthermore, seniors often live alone and experience feelings of loneliness and isolation. Also as people age, many are reluctant to drive, which means they end up spending a lot of time at home by themselves. This is something that is not a problem in senior living communities. While activities are optional, there is generally something of interest for everyone.

For seniors who do not drive anymore, senior living communities usually offer some form of transportation. In addition many communities routinely schedule day trips to activities such as plays, museums, shopping malls or other events.

We also know that many seniors who live alone do not eat well. In some cases, preparing food has become more difficult as well as grocery shopping. Most assisted living communities make healthy, nutritious food a priority and serve residents three daily meals. This is especially important for residents with dietary restrictions as most diets are accommodated.

Another frequently overlooked benefit of seniors moving into senior living communities is they do not need to depend on their grown children or other family members as they did when living on their own. This allows both parties to just enjoy one another again. Grown children no longer find themselves in the position of have to parent their parent as the senior is getting needs meet at their “new home.”

Finally we cannot forget the importance of socializing and making new friends at any age. Even for individuals who value their privacy, there is still the comfort of having other people around. If the event of a fall or medical emergency, help is always close at hand for residents at an assisted living community.

At MorningStar Assisted Living and Memory Care at Arcadia, we offer residents a safe and secure place to age in and to enjoy our many amenities and activities. Contact us to schedule a tour and discover for yourself why our residents are happy to call MorningStar’s senior community “home”.

MorningStar at Arcadia’s distinct mission statement “to honor, to serve, to invest” sets us apart from other senior living options. Our foundation is built on honoring God, valuing our seniors and hiring staff with a felt calling to serve. Set in a warm, loving environment with exceptional architecture and resort-style amenities, MorningStar at Arcadia invites you to give us a call and schedule a tour to learn more about Phoenix’s best assisted living community.


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